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Sandy Cay Spin Cycle - January 14, 2021

We arrived Sandy Cay last night after motoring for about 7 hours and came in to the anchorage after dark using our big spotlight. The Anchorage was exposed on one side and was bounded by a few small land masses on the other side. While coming in and shining the light, we disturbed probably about 1000 seabirds that had been roosting on the island and began swarming all around and squawking loudly. Imagine all the bird poop! Fortunately they settled back down and we dropped the anchor. It didn’t hold the first time, but it did on the second try, and were able to prepare and enjoy our dinner.

This morning about 6 AM, the anchorage became a washing machine and we were jostled around for about an hour and a half until we got out of bed and moved closer to Nassau to get better Internet for Dirk’s classes and to get the boat out of the spin cycle.

Dirk did his first class and then we quickly moved to the fuel dock, topped off our diesel, came back and anchored for his second class before weighing anchor again to head out to Highbourne Cay, about a 5.5 hour trip under power. On the way we had about an hour’s worth of shallows (depths of about 5-6’) followed shortly by an hour’s worth of an area called “yellow banks” due to the yellowish color of the many, many coral heads not too far below the surface. The depth in this part of the passage were 10-12’ so at least it was a little bit deeper but still treacherous.

So far we are still on our planned schedule and tomorrow we will take our 5 day COVID test. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully it won’t be any more invasive than the first.

This evening we have a zoom call scheduled with some perspective boat buyers who we will try to lure into this crazy lifestyle and then after that will do some relaxin’! Cheers, all!


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