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Conception Island - January 18, 2021

We woke up Sunday morning to the hush of having absolutely no wind or waves in the anchorage. It was very still, especially in comparison to some of our other anchorages on the passage. It was so still, that from the foredeck we could clearly make out the individual links in the anchor chain on the bottom. Check it out in the attached picture. We raised anchor and set out for Conception Island at about 8:30. We arrived about 430 pm to find two other boats in the anchorage. One monohull and one small mega yacht, named Unforgettable. These boats probably came to Conception Island from Rum Cay, where we will be headed later Monday. There is no cell service on conception Island so we are in our own little bubble tonight.

Dinner Sunday night was spicy garlic chicken pizza. Now I know that may sound kind of strange, but this is a recipe that I got from a good friend and is absolutely amazing! It sounds so bizarre because you take chicken thighs and marinate them in soy sauce and rice vinegar with green onion, garlic and some other spices, then put that on top of a pizza crust, then top with pine nuts, mozzarella and Monterey jack cheese and bake. It is crazy delicious!

Another good thing about spicy garlic chicken pizza is that it requires a decent amount of green onion and my tiki man’s green onion hair is very long and wild as you may have noticed in the picture that I posted of him last week, so I took the opportunity to trim his green onion top just a little bit. In keeping with the barbershop spirit, we also gave Dirk a haircut on the transom! Gotta love cutting hair on the boat! Everything blows downwind!

On Monday morning we woke up in the spin cycle again! The current was carrying the boat abeam to the wind so everything was jostling around for the first couple of hours but then things finally settled down. We launched the tender and went to explore the little river that runs through Conception Island. It was absolutely amazing and gorgeous. Probably in the top 5 most beautiful places I’ve seen. There were baby turtles swimming everywhere we saw a couple of stingray and a few island birds. It was very shallow, and the water is so crystal clear that you could see straight to the bottom. After playing in the water and on the beach for a couple of hours, we headed back to Catatonic packed up, had a nice brunch and then weighed anchor to make the four hour run to Rum Cay.


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