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Arriving Highbourne Cay Marina - January 15th, 2021

This morning we moved from the outer harbor to Highbourne Cay Marina in the Exuma islands of the Bahamas. We don’t normally stop at marinas if we can avoid it, but we have to get our day 5 COVID test and the marina will only test you if you are staying here or at the resort, so here we are. Well... this one may just be worth the price of admission, folks! It is just gorgeous here. There are little gazebos all around for small groups of people where you can pull up a lounge chair and relax. There is a restaurant and bar here and they have bikes that are free to use and cycle around the island. They offer a bonfire that your party can arrange ($200 charge 😳) so we are hoping maybe someone else sets that up for tonight and we can just kind of take advantage from a distance. The firewood is all stacked up and ready to go, so we will see what happens with that... there aren’t too many people here, I think we might have seen about 20 so far. Three large motor yachts are in the marina, too. There is a gorgeous white sand beach in a protected cove and there is a little swing set right in the water so you can swing with your toes in the sea. It’s also a good area for Dirk to go kiteboarding after his last meeting of the week. After that it’s happy hour followed by a special occasion dinner at the resort since it might be our last outing for a while. 🍷🍸

Dinner at the resort was absolutely delicious! We had Conch Fritters, Pork Dumplings and a Coconut Braised Short rib with Broccoli Rabe. Amazing!


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