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There's so much fun to be had!  Whether you like to keep busy or just kick back and relax, you will find something that suits you perfectly!


Sailing... of course!

Do as much (or as little) hands-on sailing as you're interested in doing. Your Captain is more than happy to let you take the helm and strut your stuff.  If you're new to sailing, you can get a few pointers and get right on your way to being self-reliant at the helm.  If you'd like to lounge on the bow while the crew does the sailing, that's just fine, too!


SCUBA is included* for Certified Divers on many of our Charter Yachts.  There are some fabulous dives in the Virgin Islands.  Divers should be sure not to miss the Wreck of the Rhone, the Indians, Shipwreck Alley, the Chimneys... the list goes on and on and on!

The Florida Keys offer amazing dives as well, along with lobster hunting opportunities for the hungry!


*up to 5 dives per certified diver




  There is great snorkeling to be had all around the islands.  Many of the dive sites have shallow opportunities for snorkelers as well!

Kayaking or Paddleboarding

Paddleboard or Kayak to the beach!  Don't forget to take a mask, fins and snorkel along in case you want to do some underwater sightseeing along the way!  


Beach Bar Hopping

What would a trip to the islands be without visiting some of the legendary beach bars?  You can't miss Foxy's, the Soggy Dollar Bar, Bananna Deck, the B-Line, One Love, the Willy T and so, so many other great spots!  


The Virgin Islands offer some very interesting walks and hikes with beautiful vistas overlooking the Carribean Sea.  


There's a fantastic hike through Baths on Virgin Gorda and the hiking trail Leinster Bay offer several ruins and beautiful views along the way.

Hike the Petroglyph trail on St John to see centuries-old carvings and an amazing waterfall!


Bluefin tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and even Mahi Mahi are waiting for you. Throw in a hook and see who's biting today!


Use your yacht's on-board gear or rent tackle from Neptune's right at Red Hook.  You're bound to bring home the "bacon..."  The South Drop is always one of our favorite fishing hot spots!  You will need to obtain a fishing license to fish in the BVI.  Ask your broker about it.

Tubing, Kneeboarding and more!

Take a super-fast ride on an inflatable tubes while being pulled behind Kittytonic's roaring 60 hp engine!  See if you can catch some air, too!


We also have knee boards, waterskis and more toys for you to play with!

Find your special kind of Fun!

Whether you like to play card games, board games, watch movies, read books, look for sea shells, float on a noodle, souvenir shop, live like a local, beach comb, or pretty much anything else, we can make it all happen on Catatonic!  Just bring yourselves and your favorite people and fun will find you!

And don't forget to save some time to Relax!

Just Chill right on out!  Is there really any more to be said?

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