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Number Two Regatta, you say??? - March 29, 2020

Happy Sunday Funday, everyone! Today Dirk had a very interesting idea. Next Sunday, he is organizing a “Number Two Regatta.” No, this is not the second in a series of races. The concept behind this event is that since most of us have been here in the anchorage for at least a week, holding tanks most likely need to be emptied. So, we will set up the race starting from the last swim area marker off the West side of Water Lemon Cay, sail 3 miles offshore, empty holding tanks, then race back to the start/finish marker.

We will do a staggered start so that each boat starts one minute apart, and each boat will log their own finish time unless we can find a “committee dinghy” to help with logging boats back in after the finish. The “big objective” (pun intended) of this race is to get 3 miles out so that we can dump holding tanks in open water before sailing back in to our home anchorage.

The last thing we want to do is have anyone opening holding tanks in this beautiful anchorage, so this will encourage all to make sure to get out there and do the necessary away from these pristine waters.

Other than that, today we had the day off from diving class. Yesterday’s class consisted of a search and recovery exercise in the AM and a night dive in the PM. Those were great exercises and a good break from the harder stuff that we have been working to master. Today, we had no official class, so on our own, we did some practice, buddy breathing and working on the big gear swap that we have to do underwater while sharing ONE regulator for breathing. UGH! Not my favorite thing by any means. As part of that, we have to take our masks off while sharing one reg, so I am hopeful I can get through that as it is one of the LAST things on my list that I want to do!

Tonight’s dinner was grilled blue cheese burgers with home made sweet and white potato fries. The burgers and fries turned out DELICIOUS. We also had a virtual Happy Hour with our Florida friends Cat and Dory and their doggies Lucky and Finn. It was great to see them and catch up, though Lucky was asleep! Finn was at the party, though, and he was adorable as always.

Tomorrow brings a day of Avenues work, some boat work, more dive practice and hopefully some of our online divemaster coursework. Then tomorrow night we have another virtual happy hour with some of our friends from NJ, Texas, CT and MD. Soon we will plan a happy hour with our sailing friends. Hopefully that will be the next night that we are off from dive school.

I also need to work tomorrow on seeing what provisions need to be frozen or better stored for the long term.I need to pickle some veggies in order to preserve them, so I need to figure that out, but hopefully that will be a success.I blanched broccoli and brussels sprouts this evening and will probably add carrots and other items for pickling, but I need to make the brine tomorrow and get that going.More to come on that.In the meantime, have a great night, and see you in the AM.


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