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Dolphins in the Anchorage! - April 8, 2020

Dirk is very keen to mention the dolphins that have been here in the anchorage for the last few days. We first heard them spout about three days ago and we saw them pop up and down in the waters. It looked like a mom and a calf. First, Dirk spotted them from the flybridge and then again when he was out on the rowing scull. We’ve seen them a few other times after that. It’s always a good omen to see dolphins around, and one of our friends in the anchorage got some fantastic pics of them in and above the water. We will see if we can share them on Facebook, or better yet, get our own pics! Last night under the “pink moon” we had a moonlight paddle in our clear bottomed kayak. We took a big dive light and we paddled over to a shallow snorkeling area and we shined the light through the clear bottom. We saw a LOT of little minnows that were attracted to the light and we saw a spotted moray eel on the bottom, which was very cool, and we saw a turtle sleeping, but we drifted by him pretty fast and when we went back to try to see him again, we couldn’t locate him again. We had big plans to give it another go tonight, but we had some pretty good rains this evening. When you’re diving, if it’s raining it’s no big deal because you are below the surface, but we really didn’t feel like kayaking in the rain (nor did Grillmaster Dirk feel like grilling in the rain, so I prepared our steaks inside tonight). Even though we were all ready to go, we decided to wait for tomorrow and clearer skies for our next moonlight kayak. Hopefully we will come back with some good video of that adventure. I fired up my Olympus TG5 because I am NOT taking my phone out on the kayak ride. It will be good to get some experience using the camera.

It’s late and Capt D is already asleep, so that’s it for now, more to come, stay tuned, stay home, stay safe!


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