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Bottoms up at Capt Dirk's Boat Booze Pop-Up Shop... - March 24, 2020

Tuesday, March 24 –

Woke up this morning to a beautiful, yet slightly overcast sky. We had tea and coffee and planned the day: morning workout, followed by Dirk’s work for Avenues and my work on the boat, then lunch, an afternoon dedicated to studying for our PADI Divemaster certification, then a late afternoon workout followed by happy hour, dinner and game night.

We decided Monday night would be movie night and Tuesday night would be board/card game night. We are probably going to have a video game night, too, maybe on Friday. A couple of months ago we bought a flat screen TV at a ridiculously expensive place in the BVI so we could play our American Idol Karaoke game on a charter with some guests who were up for it. We had a blast. THANK GOODNESS we got it when we did! Now we can play all of the games we have, and that will be good fun. Too bad our Guitar Hero set fell apart on Catatonic 440! We will see if we come up with other milestone events for the other days or just keep them flexible. But it’s good to have something to look forward to. We failed on movie night yesterday, though. That’s OK, we will probably get another chance.

Today’s lunch wound up being Pad Thai Shrimp Fried Rice (watch for the cooking video!) with a salad made from a wild papaya that I harvested while hiking a couple of days ago. It was delicious. The Pad Thai Fried Rice is very nice and I think I will probably add it to the charter lunch menu because it really presents beautifully and is quite tasty.

Something interesting from yesterday that didn’t make it into the blog is that Dirk has started a Boat Bar Provisioning pop up shop. We have all kinds of beers, wines and liquors left over from prior charters that we are really not interested in drinking ourselves, and someone in the anchorage knew we were a charter yacht and asked Dirk if we might have any spare bar provisions, so he made a list of the stuff we don’t want and created an order form and emailed it over and they bought $150 of misc items that we are very happy to have off the boat!

Then, word of mouth led to another “client” coming by to see what inventory remained, and they, too, made a purchase! So, our unwanted bar supplies are dwindling! But don’t worry, we have plenty of our favorites still aboard!

When cash transactions take place, we have the buyer put the bills in a Ziploc bag and then bring it back to the boat directly to a bleach bath in the cockpit sink. We joked that we hope we don’t return to the sink to find a bunch of blank slips of paper. So far, we have not completely bleached out any bills, but we do hope/believe they are disinfected. Then we dry them on the line before putting them away in our petty cash fund.

Lasagna was on the dinner menu this evening. I made a small batch and we have enough left over for one lunch either tomorrow or the next day. It was delicious and we are STUFFED.

More adventures have transpired today, some light and fun and others more foreboding, but I will include those in tomorrow’s update. There’s never a dull moment around here, that is for sure! We are having a grand time but we still keep in mind what others are going through and respect the severity of the situation globally. Love to all. Soon we shall charter on!


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