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Back to Leinster Bay - March 20, 2020

Dirk went for a row in the morning and stopped by some of the other boats in the anchorage. A couple were finishing charters, and some were cruisers just hanging in the anchorage. One boat said they intended to sail to Bermuda and another boat said they were heading to Grenada. Dirk cautioned them to check and make sure that their intended destinations would receive them and that the borders were not closed like they are in the BVI.

We did some administrative charter business work and Dirk did Avenues work in the morning and early afternoon, then at 4PM, we met up with the crew of Shangri La to do a hike on Waterlemon Cay. We hiked Johnny Horn trail, which “follows dry upland forest to historic Emmaus Moravian Church in Coral Bay.” (St John’s first European and African settlers built the church in 1726.)

We did not go all the way to Coral Bay, as we turned onto Brown Bay Trail and visited Brown Bay on the North side of St John.

After the hike we moved mooring balls (to get a better signal from Shangri La’s wifi router) and had cheese and crackers with home made mango jam followed by a delicious filet mignon and roasted broccoli for dinner.


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