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Onward to Sombrero Island...

Catatonic near Sombrero Island

The winds had really been up in prior weeks and that played right into his plans for kiteboarding Saturday afternoon. However, the forecast for Monday March 20th showed the winds lying down, so we planned to make the Anegada passage during that window. When we started out Monday morning the seas were still up a bit, about 4-8 feet, but after a few hours, things calmed down considerably.

Our first waypoint was Sombrero Island, a deserted island that was a phosphate mine in a prior life. The island is remote and beautiful, if a bit spooky. The only way to access the island is by a ladder of questionable integrity that’s been bolted to the rocky outcropping. Prospects for anchoring were not great, so we just hovered there off the island and launched our drone. We got some great footage where you can see how the roofs are all caved in on the structures and very interesting stagnant pools of water. There’s also a beautiful little inlet that would be fantastic to kayak. Very exciting! We hope to make it back there at some point with someone we can leave at the helm of Catatonic so we can get a little bit closer look at Sombrero. Take a look at more pics at this link.

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