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Now, for some fishing!

After the quick stop at Sombrero, we went onward to The Dogs, Anguilla. On the way, we deployed some of those fantastic lures we picked up at Neptune. The new lures were “skirts” that our frozen, rigged Ballyhoo were supposed to wear as we trolled them. The bait was all dolled up and ready for the big dance. All that was missing was the lipstick.

Right after we deployed our lines… HOLY MOLY, we had two strikes by GIANT Marlin.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Or at least higher test fishing line. The marlin stole our bait and lures, snapped our little 50 lb test and swam happily away. We got one pic but it’s a little bit fuzzy since things were happening pretty quickly. It was just a matter of picking up the camera and running out of the salon while aiming it in the general direction of the fish and holding the shutter down to click away. There was no time to focus or even look through the viewfinder!

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